Very often we need to build forms in our apps. A number of times it can be pretty much just a bunch of TextFormFields and DropdownFormFields and it is very easy to implement other fields like radios and checkboxes with just a comparison of values on the call to validate function. But I recently had too much time to think and I tried to build a custom checkbox formfield. I examined the TextFormField widget and built one. I’ll explain the process in this article.

The article may seem long because I needed to include the code snapshots to help explain…

A lot of mobile applications can contain sensitive user information. Such as, your bank app, your medical prescriptions app, etc. These applications are built with a lot of security features implemented in them to avoid user information leakage.

One such feature is the Inactivity Timeout feature. This allows the app to keep the information visible only for a small time and then change the state to dismiss all. This is done when the app may be active in the background.

To do this in Flutter, you only need to have access to the application lifecycle. …

So my first year working at a startup has ended. Today I wanted to share what I’ve learned that every app that has to make API calls to a server needs.

I made an app using the api from and you can find the complete code on my github repository, news_app. It also has a folder with the release ready apk, and you can also find that app on Play Store.

This app uses the famous BLoC pattern, implemented using the package flutter_bloc. I have tried to keep things in the app as simple as I could while getting…

Started developing with Java on Android Studio. Have done a little loads of work before it turned boring. Conventional methods have that effect on people. You’d agree, right? So I switched to using Flutter.

For my first time, I’d assume that you’re already aware of the basics required for you to understand the code and I’ll guide you to building a layout like this:

To start, we’d write this code in the main.dart of your project. It has a default class MyApp that extends StatelessWidget. We’d make this return a MaterialApp and as its child, a Scaffold.

class MyApp extends…

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